Matt Popovits | Rom 1:16-17


About Matt Popovits


Matt serves as planting and Lead Pastor of OSNY, a family of neighborhood parishes working together to love and serve the city of New York. Matt has also served as staff writer for Homiletics, a worldwide resource to pastors providing insights and ideas for preaching and teaching, and is a frequent speaker at churches and events around the country.

Prior to entering ministry Matt studied acting at the University of Michigan department of Theatre and Dance; and later received his MDIV from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. He and his high school sweetheart Lisa have two children: Ava Elise and Jack Matthew. They are avid St. Louis Cardinal fans and supporters of all things Maize and Blue.


Matt's Book


Welcome to life. It’s full of tough calls and scary decisions.

Think about it: there are wedding proposals to ponder, college applications to submit, career moves to make, and the classic conundrum: whether or not to pay extra for guacamole when ordering a burrito. We desperately want to avoid making a fatal mistake. After all, history is littered with cautionary tales of men and women who, in hindsight, really screwed up. Knowing how poorly things could go, some people find themselves facing life’s decisions with a deep and almost paralyzing fear of future regret.

How should a person of faith face a big decision? Is the follower of Jesus expected to approach life’s tough calls just like anyone else? Or does the Christian faith offer a framework for facing decisions that minimizes fear, maximizes peace, and anchors our hope in something greater than our gut?
Good questions. And this little book has the answers.

Doug Klembara