I’ve attended Christian conferences my whole adult life and this was far and away the best one I’ve ever been to. The food and location were great but the talks and fellowship were what made this event stand above everything else I’ve been to.

It was the best mix of deep, heavy theology and how reformation theology impacts our everyday living and thinking that I have ever received at a conference. I was encouraged and challenged.

I was absolutely blown away by how organized the operations were. Great food. Great social hours. The speakers were straight out of the 16th century theologically. Wonderful gospel preachers and teachers. I will be back every year and every time there is another conference. I bought every book and I will read every blog and listen to every podcast available.

It's refreshing to fellowship with so many who do not try to place shackles on the Gospel.

Great speakers, close fellowship, left feeling fulfilled by the promises of the Gospel, strong celebration of the Reformation and how it is still relevant today.

It was such a blessing to be with like-minded believers as we all came together to remind ourselves of the most important thing which we hold dear - the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We can never hear too much about the Gospel because our nature goes against the idea of this and we always think that we need to do something to add to our spiritual life. We need constant reminding and time to think about the free gift of salvation made possible by Jesus’s sacrifice.

This was a blessing! The love and welcoming of Christ overflowed from you guys! The talks + sessions + worship + fellowship was all so sweet and refreshing! We met so many wonderful people and heard the gospel "proclaimed into our
ear-balls" so many times.

At this conference, online friends became flesh & blood family. Sinners celebrated their freedom from chains. New friendships were formed. Old friendships were strengthened. It left me longing for next time, and ultimately, eternity with these people.

Wonderfully encouraging and my sister came all the way from Australia to attend